Monday, August 3, 2015

How it Started...

The idea for The Kindness Projects came to me when I realized that even though I was creating a ton of Cards, Treat Bags, Boxes, etc. they never got to be used for their intended purposes. Obviously I wasn't going to create a Thank You card & mail it to myself but in a way that's exactly what I was doing.
Creating & hoarding my creations. So this got me thinking & I shared the idea of making "Kindness Projects" at one of my classes & everyone seemed to like the premise. So at the next class  we created some projects with the sole purpose of giving them away -Just Because- no birthdays or holidays needed to be coming up for us to share something with a friend, co worker, neighbor, or a complete stranger!

Bake up a batch of cookies to deliver to a senior center or the company next door to yours, give a thank you card to an airline stewardess or hotel staff, leave an embellished gift card for a waitress, make up a few cute candy bags for the staff at your doctors office.
I could go on & on but the bottom line is there are some many ways we can do a little something for those around us!

Don't forget to get your kids involved...
Recently my kids wanted a super ball from one of those quarter machines & after they got it I had them go put more quarters in the machine for the next kid that came along. Its not much but it was probably fun to find that surprise!

Well I hope you are encouraged to start seeking out opportunities to spread some kindness in your community!

There will be a logo print out available & we ask that you add it to your "Kindness Projects".
This way people can find out what we are all about & hopefully be inspired to join us on our mission!

If you have given or received a "Kindness Project" we would love for you to share your stories here or on our Facebook page!
or on other Social Media using the hashtag - #thekindnessprojects


  1. Can't wait to participate! I love to do things for random people! Makes my heart happy!

  2. What a super idea! This is something that has been on my mind for quite a while now, too. I always smile at folks I meet on my errands and even if the other person is rushed or frowning as I pass, they always lift up their faces and smile back. It makes me feel better, too. I have often thought I should be making up some little treats or thank you notes to give out to service people as I go about my day--so I think this project will provide that little nudge to get going. A fun little hello card to a restless child in a shopping card wouldn't hurt, either! I think I will add a Kindness project to my monthly card classes, too. Let people know it feels good to give out a smile.

  3. What a wonderful idea! I am always making cards but rarely sending cards! It's not a blessing until we give it away!

  4. I followed the link from Connie because this is a fabulous way to distribute all the cute things we have made and make someone else happy for no reason. I hope to do this very soon. Bless you Mercedes! Hugs Debi

  5. Here's my first!