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If you haven't already, read about the origin of The Kindness Projects HERE, then come back...I'll wait right here...

This page is for those of you who are interested in spreading Kindness throughout your community.  We started as a group of crafters, but you needn't be crafty to spread kindness!  (Although it helps, Lol!) 

Our call to action is simple:  CREATE and SHARE!! That's it. 

I am assuming that most of you are crafty.  If you aren't, its not too late to start.  In fact, just start now.  Even better, just by reading this, I am now declaring that YOU are crafty.  Whether you like it or not. Now I can say that everybody reading this is crafty!  Yahooty!  So here's what you can do:

Step one:  Make something. If you have a project that you made and never gave away or started to make and never finished, that qualifies for TKP.  Now that project has a purpose. That is actually one of the reasons that The Kindness Projects exist. 

Step two:  Go to our label page HERE and print out a sheet of logos.  Then cut or punch a logo to attach to your project.  This will help to spread our message and allow others to be a part of something bigger.

Step three:  Take your project out with you.  To work, to the store, to the dentist, to the bar...wherever you are, there is an opportunity to spread Kindness to someone in need of it.

Step four:  Give it away!  Just smile and say something nice. That's it!

If you want to read about the impact The Kindness Projects have made on others, check out our Facebook page here:

If you want to share in a group with other crafty folk with the common purpose of sharing crafty kindness, join our Facebook Group HERE.  You can share project ideas, chat about upcoming events, and coordinate our efforts to maximize our impact. 

Now go and spread crafty Kindness through your city!  Be sure to come back and tell your tales!

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